I'm Danielle, a 21 year-old Psychology Major. I say things weird, and I am terrible at grammar; this makes my friends have lots to make fun of me for. I like a little bit of everything. Mostly Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story, Pokemon, Misfits, and many more. I am loud and not afraid to voice my opinion. Miranda Hart is my spirit animal and there will be no judging. Feel free to ask me anything else.

25th September 2014

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Clara… for what it’s worth, and it might not be worth much… when your whole life flashes in front of you, you see people you love and people missing you.

                 A n d   I   s e e   n o   o n e .

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4th March 2014

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3rd March 2014

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and in that moment, Disney created their own motto.

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28th February 2014

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guys? I want to do something…


Okay, if you are seeing this on your dash can you PLEASE STOP AND READ? 

thanks, because I want you to read this and do as it says if it is right.

If you are 

- stressed about anything or everything

-depressed about anything

-upset about anything at all

-going through any sort of rough time at all

-insecure about anything

REBLOG THIS. Please don’t skip, please.

I want to tell you something.

27th February 2014

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Can we talk about this for a second. For once in Doctor’s travels he is the one who is receiving the sympathy. Martha’s face says what she is use to the Doctor saying, “I’m so sorry. So very very Sorry. Truly I am.” Because how else can you respond.

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27th February 2014

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"Defacement of currency is a violation of Title 18, Section 333 of the United States Code. Whoever mutilates, cuts, disfigures, perforates, unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, Federal Reserve Bank, or Federal Reserve System, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months."

Wow, Take it easy, USA.  

Some of these bills from artist James Charles are worth risking a 6 month stint in the big house.

The above works are from his “333 Portraits on the Devil’s Toilet Paper” solo show currently on view NYC’s Art Now Gallery through September 28th.

Also represented by San Francisco’s Shooting Gallery, James Charles is a known fixture in the realm of money artists, cutting, cross hatching, and defacing our Lincolns, Hamiltons, Jacksons, & Benjamins, into pop culture phenoms

6 months in jail for drawing on money? Seriously …priorities America

"What are you in jail for?" "Oh I killed my neighbor. You?" "I drew on money." 

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26th February 2014

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Necromancing The Stone

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25th February 2014

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25th February 2014

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25th February 2014

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Truth Spell

For those who want the truth revealed, open hearts and secrets unsealed, from now until it’s now again after witch the memory ends”

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